Who We Are

Our Mission

RANA has been established to become an independent African CSO advocacy network working with partners across Africa at the national and regional level, and together with global partners, to strengthen Africa’s resilience and advance the African Union’s New Public Health Order. RANA envisions a resilient and healthy Africa, safeguarded by African-led solutions, informed by African needs, and driven by African leadership.

Our Approach

We believe in networked advocacy — that connecting agendas, people, and missions can advance positive collective change. RANA offers other networks partnership opportunities to strengthen advocacy in Africa, by Africans, at both the national and regional level, while connecting to global processes.

RANA builds on the successful networked advocacy impact of Pandemic Action Network on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. In partnership with Pandemic Action Network, RANA takes a whole-of-society approach to pandemic issues and purposefully identifies opportunities to collaborate with advocates working on other resilience issue areas. Partners include more than 30 civil society organisations and networks from across the resilience agenda bringing in organisations and networks focused on gender, climate, finance, food systems, health, and nature.

What We Do

To fill African policy and advocacy gaps, strengthen Africa’s resilience, and advance local institutions and agencies to realise the vision of the African Union’s New Public Health Order, RANA is focused on:

  • Strengthening Health Systems: Shaping gender-responsive, climate- and pandemic-resilient health systems that can detect, alert, and contain emerging and re-emerging public health threats.
  • Realising the African NPHO: Supporting the African Union’s New Public Health Order to help bolster pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response at national and regional levels across Africa.
  • Achieving Global Influence: Supporting Africa’s political leaders and influential voices to engage on the global stage and inform international processes.
  • Networked Advocacy: Nurturing a vibrant, inclusive, and pan-African network addressing interconnected resilience challenges.